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View Monetizing the ES

On 08 July 2013 the Searchdaimon enterprise search engine was released as open source.

It has been important for us to find ways to monetize the ES so we can continued developing it, without having to make an open source version with less features than a commercial version. We will have only one version, the open source version. We will then make money by:

Support & consulting – This is the classic open source strategy. We will provide support and consulting services for a fee.

Hardware version – We sell a version of the ES as a physical appliance. Making and selling physical ES appliances is also available to everyone else.

Cloud partners – We have a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) where users can run a version of the ES there. AWS then pay us a small fee for each hour our software is used by there custumers.

Cloud hosted ES – We plan to make a cloud hosted version where users can rent an ES in the cloud for a fee.

All of these options are also open to everyone else, and don’t compete with the open source strategy.