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Translating the search engine result page into a new language

The ES uses an open file format known as PO to handle internationalizing. You may add new PO files to add support for new languages. Currently we support English, French and Norwegian.

It would be great to have more languages. If you know a language it would be great if you could translate the PO file as described below and send it to us by email. If you don’t have an ES we can do the testing.

Obtaining a source file to translate from


Add your translation to the ES

When you are finished with your PO file you have to add it to the ES. The easiest is to upload the PO file somewhere, then use wget to download it to the ES. Do this by:

  • Log into the ES from the console
  • Change directory to /home/boitho/boithoTools/public_html/webclient2/locale/default/
  • Create a new directory that has the same name as the ISO 639-1 language code for your language (see her for a list of ISO 639-1 language codes).
  • Change directory into your newly created directory
  • Download your PO file as search.po


It would be great if we also could have the file! If you want to share it, sent it to us and we will add it to the main distribution.


The ES uses the language set as default keyboard language when determining with language to use when rendering the search result page. If you want to test different language you can add a language parameter to webclient.

For example this is the ES in:


Translating to Norwegian using Poedit.

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