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Booting from a CD or ISO file

  • You can instal the Searchdaimon ES by booting from a CD or ISO file.
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Previous limitations on 10 users

Previously Searchdaimon was not free and had a limitation on 10 users if you did not purchase a license. This has recently been removed, but unfortunately not all of the images above has been updated yet. If your installation has this limitation you can simply remove it by entering a new freely available license key. Please see her for instruction: Upgrade existing installations to the open source version.


Searchdaimon Enterprise Search (ES) is free and open source licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2. The source code is available for free at our GitHub page.


The Searchdaimon Enterprise Search (ES) virtual appliance contains a stripped down Linux operating system and our software fully configured, ready to run, without the need for doing any software installation.

The different VMware® versions requires 64-bit CPU with virtualization enabled. VirtualBox version can be run on a 32-bit CPU.

The tutorial video shows the complete installation process for VMware® ESX Server. See the end of the video on how to configure ES regardless of VMware® platform, or view the documentation for more information.


Free ES Full ES
Full data security tick tick
Your own connectors tick tick
Maximum users Unlimited Unlimited
Full data security Unlimited Unlimited
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