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The search interface is shown in the browser's standard language. To add a language in Internet Explorer: Choose "Tools" -> "Internet Options", click "Languages", click "Add" and pick your language from the list. If the browser is configured with more than one language, the top-most one will be used.

At the time being, Searchdaimon ES supports the English and Norwegian languages.

Why do I sometime get more/fewer hits when I change language?

The search engine use linguistic knowledge to reduce senses of words to their common stem. When searching for "technology", you'll also get documents containing the word "technologies". But only if your search interface runs in english. If you search for words in another language than that of the search interface, this linguistic knowledge will disappear. This also holds true for synonyms, if you have installed a package of synonyms.

Tip: If you encapsulate words in parantheses, stemming and synonyms will be turned off.

When you try to click on a link to an Exchange Public Folder in the search interface, Outlook freezes and reports: "The operation failed."

This can happen if Outlook hasn't been syncronized with the public folder for a while. Open Outlook and click on the Public Folder. Outlook should now syncronize.

Different browsers block access to local files for security reasons. Please se End-user integration, local client software and patching for suggested workarounds.


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