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When you try to search, you get the following error message: "Couldn't contact the search system. Please try again later."
This can be caused by several things. Wait some seconds and try again. If the error is still there, open the Administration panel, go to "Manage services", and check if all services is labeled "is running...". If any are stopped, click "Restart". You can also try to restart "Crawling Management" and "Search Service". Wait a couple of minutes, and try a new search. It might take a while for the system to respond the first time. If the error doesn't disappear, contact us.

Tip: All logs are available at "Statistics & Logs" -> "Log files".

Is there a maximum file size the ES can handle / crawl / index?

The ES index all data in files up to 100mb in size. If the file is larger than that, only the file name will be indexed.

Updating the ES from behind a Proxy Server

Unfortunately setting up a proxy server for automatic updates isn't supported from the administrator interface yet. But it can be done manually by editing a configuration file.


First log in as root from the console.

You most then edit in /etc/yum.conf to specify the proxy server details. The proxy setting must specify the proxy server as a complete URL, including the TCP port number and a trailing /. If your proxy server requires a username and password, specify these by adding proxy_username and proxy_password settings.

The settings below enable yum to use the proxy server, connecting to port 3128, with the username yum-user and the password qwerty.


# The proxy server - proxy server:port number 
# The account details for yum connections 


Remember the "/" at the end!

You should then be able to use Software updates->Software updates->Check for updates from the administrator interface as normal.


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