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Search to all your data from the cloud

Searchdaimon ES is a full feature cloud search platform delivered ready to run in the Amazons cloud.

When running Searchdaimon ES on Amazon Web Services you only pay for the number of hours you are running the ES. There are no signup fees and no hard limits on document numbers, numbers of users or the number of data sources one can index. Support is also included.

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    Add search to your website

    Index any external website.
    Index your corporate Intranet.

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    Integrate it into your business

    Index Microsoft® Exchange, SharePoint®, files and databases. Optional connection to Microsoft® Active Directory to maintain existing permissions.

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    Add search to your application (OEM)

    Suited for the cloud and SaaS.
    Write your own data connectors.
    Get search results as XML or OpenSearch.


Search features

Searching is ofcourse the most important aspect of Searchdaimon ES. A clean and simple user interface gives you search results in seconds, and the advanced functions such as filtering and sorting are there when you need them.

Filtering and sorting

You can restrict your search to type of document, data source, date and meta-information such as contacts, customers, sales and projects. You can also sort on date or relevancy.

Content federation

Structured data can be presented as a table among the results. Often you'll see the information you need in the user interface, without having to open the data source itself.

Here you see a search which gives hits in a holiday schedule. The schedule is a structurized list in SharePoint. We can see that Runar Buvik is entered for a trip to the Netherlands from 07-11-2009 to 07-25-2009.


Query words are suggested as you type.

Spell checking

The ES can propose correctly spelled words if you have misspelled a word. For example correcting "enterprie serch" to enterprise search. As for Suggest, the dictionary is built from indexed documents.

Inflections and stemming

Searching for "car" also shows documents containing "cars", etc.



Searchdaimon ES can easily be integrated with you existing systems. It will let you search information from documents, e-mail, attachements, customer relation systems and other content sources. Everything is done from a intuitive web user interface, and can be compared with using Google, only on your company's content.

Support indexing of common enterprise systems like Windows file shares, Microsoft Exchange, intranet and external websites and Microsoft Sharepoint. You may also write your own connectors directly from our administration interface.



Intuitive admin panel

Everything can be controlled from the web based administration panel.

Logs and statistics

Easily follow user behavior and system performance.


Amazon Web Services is the world`s largest cloud computing platform.  With data center locations in the U.S., Europe, Brazil, Singapore, and Japan, AWS provides a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost cloud computing platform that powers hundreds of thousands of businesses in 190 countries around the world.

Searchdaimon and the cloud

In Searchdaimon we have been working on cloud computing and virtualization for a long time. Already in 1998, for our Internet search engine we developed one of the first truly fully distributed, shared nothing, file systems called “bfs”. We did setup our first MPI cluster in 1999.

Amazon Web Services

Searchdaimon is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner, and was among the first AWS Partners ever to gain public designation as a Standard Technology Partner.

Searchdaimon has had an account on Amazon EC2 sins September 19, 2006. That's when it was still in limited beta, and you had to provide a small essay about what exciting things you would use it for.


Searchdaimon is a VMware Technology Alliance Partner. We have extensively VMware experience, and run many of our own internal servers, customer demos and other development servers on our own internal ESX cluster.


Personnel from Searchdaimon participate in two VirtualBox related projects; Portable-VirtualBox and VBoxVmService.


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