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Consulting & professional services

Special offer
  • Order a consulting task before the end of December 2014 and get the first 10 hours at half price (59 USD per. hour).


Searchdaimon can advise, lead and/or run your search projects. We provide expert consulting and support for our own technology, integration and search in general. Searchdaimon have been working with search technology for more then 10 years, and have a broad experience on both big and small projects that involve search and big data.

We can help you with general support tasks like

  • First time setup of Searchdaimon ES
  • Diagnostic services
  • Configuration and tuning


Customisations like

  • Migrating from legacy search systems
  • Integration with other systems
  • Creating connectors to 3-party data sources
  • Hot bugfixes
  • End-user graphical user interface design
  • Writing as part of sales offers and tender offers


Custom development

Searchdaimon can do custom develop of all aspect of the ES, including core search, search ranking, crawling and data and file conversion. Since the ES uses a plugin system it may also be possible to extend it without the code being open source if that is a requirement.

We can also do custom development directly in your application. For example custom data connectors for your in-house systems.


Consulting services is billed per. hour at 120 USD.

No minimum on number of hours. You do not have to have a Searchdaimon license to utilize us as consultants, but general support tasks are included if you do purchase a license, so purchasing a license may be more cost effective in some circumstances.

Please contact sales here for more information.

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